INDIE is a Virginia Limitied Liability Company which owns subsidiaries in the following industries:


Software and information technology are disrupting every industry. Our economy is becoming more reliant on automation, information, and productivity enhancements.

INDIE seeks to invest in companies that can produce demonstrable efficiency improvements or definable cost savings for its customers. When INDIE partners with a technology company, we bring investment along with expertise in agile software development, software operations, pricing and licensing, product development, embedded system development, and electrical engineering.


INDIE loves designing and manufacturing products – everything from industrial equipment to consumer packaged goods. We have experience in owning and managing factories, sourcing components through international supply chains, and designing, developing, and marketing novel products that delight customers.

INDIE looks to invest in and help develop manufacturers that have strong intellectual property holdings and excellent brand recognition in their customer space. INDIE has a particular interest in companies that are manufacturing products with embedded software and network-connected functionality to drive efficiency and productivity.

Real Estate

INDIE also invests, develops, and operates real estate across a wide variety of markets and asset classes. The focus is on the mid-Atlantic and southeast United States. INDIE has invested in industrial real estate, student housing, assisted living, and agricultural land.

INDIE seeks real estate in areas with favorable demographic growth where we can develop strong ties to the local community.