Category: Effortless Commuting
Location: NJ / NYC


Boxcar is working to simplify life in the suburbs, from business-class commuting and daily parking to convenient local services brought right to your door.

INDIE has been a terrific investor. In seven years Boxcar has raised $6m and have never treated a fundraising like a victory, just a means to an end. Boxcar is committed to making this fundraising round our last and thank all our investors for their support to get us to where we can stand on our own two feet. We could not have gotten here without the people who believed in our vision and took a chance on our team.

Boxcar is an integrated commuting company, focused on taking the stress out of your daily commute.​ On demand parking that is reservable in advance and guaranteed. Luxury Motor Coach service from select town centers to midtown Manhattan. Boxcar busses are top of the line, have WiFi & power outlets, and make stops on both the East and West Sides of NYC. Moving forward, Boxcar hopes to expand its footprint to some of the other legacy transportation cities such as Boston, Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and Chicago.