Category: Lawncare, Outdoor Home Services, Software, SAAS
Location: Austin, TX


LawnStarter is the world’s largest on-demand platform for lawn care and is aiming to be the one-stop-shop for all outdoor home services. Founded in 2014, the company has experienced rapid growth, raising $34 million in funding and expanding to the top 120 metro areas in the US. Recently the company acquired its chief rival Lawn Love, creating a juggernaut in the space several times larger than its closest competitor.

“To put it simply, Adam is a founder’s dream investor. First off, be brings real experience starting, scaling, and exiting a company. And we’ve benefited a ton from that experience. For example, he is responsible for us adopting the Scaling Up framework, to which we credit much of our success to. He’s provided us a number of management and hiring lessons, and we even added him to our Github so he could help there. As helpful as he is, he’s also not one of those annoying, pushy investors that try to be too helpful (all entrepreneurs know what I’m talking about). Adam is always responsive, lets us run the business, and has been extremely supportive not only when we’ve been doing well, but throughout our darkest times. I can’t recommend having Indie on your cap table enough.”


-Ryan Farley
Co-Founder, LawnStarter